Hikari Montessori School                                                         Dilihat : 1589



    Created by Dr. Maria Montessori "To observe and support the natural development of children", the Montessori method is designed to take full advantage of childrens desire to learn and their unique ability to develop their own capabilities, therefore, since 2014, Hikari Montessori School eager and determined to always guide children to become a golden generation, who has intelligence, creativity, independence and good morals. Throught the Montessori Methode, we guide and provide learning material than can be used to develop social, emotional and cognitive in children, we understand and accept that each child is special and unique, our school environment provides each child with joy of learning and encourages each child to realize their fullest potential in all area of life. We created an atmosphere that not only feels safe and nurturing but also challenges the students academically, creatively, and physically. Spirit and passion of Hikari Montessori School is that the children become indepndent, all while respecting themselves, others and their environment.



    • Exercise Practical Life (EPL)
    • Math
    • Sensorial: Provide 5 sense material
    • Culture : Botany, Zoology, Geography, Timeline, History
    • Language : Phonics Sound
    • Music
    • Physical Activities



    • Bahasa Indonesia
    • Japanese
    • Science
    • Religion



    • Indoor Play Area
    • Outdoor Play Area
    • Montessori Room
    • Book Corner



    • Children Copy of Birth Certificate
    • Children Photos 3x4 = 2




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